About the Founder

Dallas, Texas, March 30, 2001 -- USRF Founder, Leonard S. Marks, M.D., was among the four guest faculty members invited to lecture at the Baylor University Hospital Urology Day. The lectureship was endowed by the late G. Raworth Williams, who in 1923 became the first formally-trained urologist in Dallas.

Topic of the lecture (a multimedia presentation, note: titanium G4 Powerbook) was "Saw Palmetto: Myth and Science."


Faculty members included (left to right): Drs. Timothy B. Boone (Baylor U.), Paul Peters, Michael Goldstein, Claus G. Roehrborn (U. of Texas, Southwestern), Leonard S. Marks (UCLA), and David A. Ginsberg (USC). Not pictured are faculty members, Drs. Jerome P. Richie (Harvard U.) and John D. McConnell (U. of Texas, Southwestern).

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