Breaking News in Urology

September 6, 1999
Abstracted from an article in Time Magazine
by Ian Smith

Lance Armstrong Beats Testicular CA
and Wins Tour de France Bike Race

Lance Armstrong, who won this summer's Tour de France Bicycle Race, the most gruelling of all major sporting events, is a cancer survivor. He was treated just three years ago for advanced germ cell cancer of the testicle, which had spread to his brain at the time of diagnosis. This tumor, which appears to be increasingly common in the U.S., is believed to be the most chemosensitive of all human tumors.

In 1996, Armstrong started a nonprofit organization ("The Lance Armstrong Foundation"), dedicated to fighting urologic cancer through awareness, education, and research. The open story of Lance Armstrong's personal bout with and ultimate triumph over testis cancer establishes him as the most important 'poster boy' for this serious disease.

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