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Zany Comedian Tom Green Speaks (and Sings)
for Testicular Cancer

Time Magazine calls this a 'Top Ten'
TV program for the Year 2000!

"In the Year of Celeb Health Dave's heart, Michael's Parkinson's Green's testicular cancer was the most creatively rewarding affliction. Green took his gross-out comedy to a new level on an unflinching show that took quite a pair to make."

We've got the video clips from the MTV Cancer Special!

Tom Green, Cancer Survivor"This is no Joke"

In March of 2000, unconventional MTV personality and Comedian Tom Green was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged 15-35. USRF salutes Tom's courage in bringing attention to this important health issue, as only he can.

Tom's MTV Cancer Special

On May 23, 2000, MTV aired a one-hour special episode of the Tom Green Show. The special followed Tom through his treatment and included graphic footage of the surgical procedure during which doctors removed Tom's right testicle. Tom uses humor to educate, and MTV has graciously allowed USRF to share video clips of some lighter moments from the show.

The Ball Song

Tom dramatizes the importance of periodic self-examination
for men at risk of testicular cancer.Quicktime


Phil's Exam

Phil gets a surprise testicular exam. Quicktime

Tom's Treatment

Tom Green underwent an orchiectomy and retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for testis cancer in March and April of 2000. He has made a complete recovery, and has, in an exceptional burst of good-spirited public service, made these videos available on the USRF website and to encourage men at risk to perform self-examination.

Facts about Testicular Cancer

Cancer of the testis is the most common solid tumor in men aged 15-35. The incidence is increasing and USRF encourages all men to examine themselves and see a doctor for regular physical examinations.

The Testicular Cancer Resource Center's Testicular Self Exam Page

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to Kim Morgan and Jen Gershon of MTV for making this possible, and to Julie Hagerty Kagan for suggesting the idea.


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