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Elizabeth Hamilton, L.V.N. Carolina Anderson Coronado, C.M.A. Leonard S. Marks, M.D. John Fan, C.C.R.P.
Stacie McQueen Kevin Jenkins Maria L. ("Malu") Macairan, M.D. Arlyn S. Llanes, C.C.R.P.

Elizabeth Hamilton, L.V.N. Elizabeth Hamilton, L.V.N.
For 20 years a hospital nurse, Liz joined the staff during 1998. She brings to our site a world of nursing professionalism and also an upbeat charm that regularly soothes even the most apprehensive patient. She is one of a select group of nursing professionals who can truly claim to be a urology specialist. In her personal life, Liz is proud to be mother of Demetrius Hamilton, who is currently captain of the football team at the University of Wyoming. When not at work Liz enjoys reading, travelling, and playing competitive volleyball on the world-famous courts at Venice Beach.

Carolina Anderson Coronado, C.M.A.
One of the newest members of the USRF staff, Carolina was born in Guatemala City, and immigrated to the United States in 1984. She came to Los Angeles as a diplomat working at the Guatemalan Consulate. She resigned from her position to take care of her infant children Joshua and Daniel. Carolina later graduated with honors from SCROC as a medical assistant and has more than 12 years of experience in the medical field. While working, she currently attends college in the evenings studying to attain an A.S. in business administration.

Leonard S. Marks, M.D. Leonard S. Marks, M.D.
A complete bio for Dr. Marks is available on the Founder Page.

John Fan, C.C.R.P. John Fan, C.C.R.P.
John is USRF's full-time clinical research staff and technology consultant. Immigrating to the U.S. from Hong Kong at the age of 6 years old, he is the youngest in his family and is now a UCLA graduate with a B.S. in Neuroscience and a minor in Philosophy. John is responsible for USRF website maintenance and also the Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator. He was named to the Provost's and Dean's Honor Lists at UCLA and he was also the Co-President of Club Med, a premed organization. He has an extensive background in computer sciences having worked at several technology companies including Earthlink Network Inc., the second largest internet service provider in the country.

Stacie McQueen Stacie McQueen
After graduating with honors from Nova Institute of Health Technology, Stacie joined the staff in 1998. She has become an expert in all facets of urologic assisting. She is our "local product", having been born and educated in the Culver City community. For fun, Stacie is an avid gymnast and also an aspiring actress, currently represented by the Players Talent Agency in Hollywood. Her inspiration for stage and screen was her uncle, the actor Steve McQueen.

Kevin Jenkins Kevin Jenkins
Kevin is also one of USRF's latest additions and he brings experience as a well-seasoned biller and collections specialist. He has been involved in billing since 1987 and has become proficient in recovering receivables and office management. He earned a bachelor's degree in Sociology at California State University of Los Angeles in 1985. In addition, Kevin has worked many years as a billing and collections consultant for various hospitals all across the United States. His ambition in life is to help anyone at anytime in any situation.

Maria L. ( Maria L. ("Malu") Macairan, M.D.
As Clinical Research Coordinator, Malu is in charge of all day-to-day operations at USRF. She brings to the foundation a rare blend of comprehensive medical background, extensive research experience, and great warmth and compassion. She earned her medical degree at 23 years of age, the youngest in her class, and she was in private practice for three years before dedicating her professional life to biomedical research. She came to USRF in 1996 from a key role as research coordinator for the Cardiology Department at USC Medical Center. During her spare time, she is a voracious reader of adventure novels, finishing one or more every week.

Arlyn Llanes, C.C.R.P. Arlyn S. Llanes, C.C.R.P.
After graduation from UCLA in June, 2000 with a major in Physiological Sciences and a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology, Arlyn joined the full-time staff as Clinical Research Coordinator and recently gained her accreditation from the Society of Clinical Research Associates. Arlyn was born in the Philippines and came to the U.S. with her family at the age of four. She quickly became assimilated, graduating in 1996 as Valedictorian from James Monroe High School in North Hills, CA, where she was a vital part of the varsity volleyball team. She is a youth minister in her church and a mentor for underprivileged children aspiring to a college education. Arlyn brings to USRF an important new combination of science and empathy in patient care!

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