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"But the real dam broke in 1945, when science writer Paul de Kruif published The Male Hormone. When the book came out, it was big news. Newsweek wrote a full-page review, and Readerís Digest excerpted the work. Reviewers cited both de Kruifís bioethical fearlessness and his scientific excellence. The book was about testosterone and the impact it would have on our economy and our health. De Kruif foresaw riches for its manufacturers; however, he didn't predict that steroids would become a huge black-market business. He foretold increased vigor and extended life for its consumers. About health, de Kruif was downright prescient, though very few people know this, and the reason very few people know this is because itís quite possible Paul de Kruifís was the last unbiased opinion on the subject." ---Steven Kotler, L.A. Weekly, July 28, 2005


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